Boat ride on the Drava and Danube

We offer you an open boat ride on the Drava and Danube rivers with expert guidance. In addition to a view from another perspective, we offer you the enjoyment of peace and beautiful nature.

We adapt the offers to your wishes. We can organize a one-hour drive around Osijek up to full-day excursions. If you decide on a slightly longer ride, we will organize for you a drive through the Drava hills through beautiful nature with an organized lunch, and quad ride or a tour of the Danube towards Aljmaš and Erdut as a full-day trip with lunch and wine tasting. In addition to enjoying driving and nature, we offer traditional specialties (“čobanac”, “fiš paprikaš”, “grah iz kotlića” and barbecue).

In Kopački rit, accompanied by a guide from spring to late autumn, a boat awaits you at the pier on Lake Veliki Sakadaš, which will start an exciting adventure through the Special Zoological Reserve. Sailing through the flood valley of the Danube takes about an hour.

Whichever option you choose for a complete experience, we will organize a tour tailored to you.

Boat ride on the Drava and Danube

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