Baranja hedonistic manifestations

Baranja has long been known as a wine-growing area. The word "Baranja" consists of two Hungarian words "bor" and "anya", i.e. "wine mother". Various events are organized throughout the year in the area of ​​Baranja where you can taste the top Baranja wines, and here we list the most popular ones:

Vincenzo is a traditional celebration of the Catholic holiday of St. Vinko, the patron saint of wine and winegrowers. This holiday is celebrated on January 22, and takes place on the slopes of the Baranja Mountain from Beli Manastir to Batina.

Wine and walk is the biggest wine festival in the area of ​​Baranja. It is held in June on the wine trails from Belje Vidikovac to Kotlina. At this event, you can taste not only top wines, but also traditional Baranja specialties.

Fishing days are a traditional event held in August or September in Kopačevo, which promotes and presents tradition and the rural way of life. They last two days, and during that time you can taste various ethnic dishes from Baranja.

A wine marathon is held at the end of September in Zmajevac. The festival allows visitors to sample the most delicious wines made by Baranja winemakers. There are many wine streets known as “surduk”, which feature traditional wine cellars known as gator’s cellars.

Paprika Fest is held every year in October in the Baranja village of Lug. It is an event where you can get to know the traditional spice of Baranja, red pepper. Like all other manifestations, Paprika Fest gathers numerous exhibitors of domestic products. A rich entertainment and cultural program is organized. Baranja spice, sweet or hot ground pepper, can be taken home.

“Martinje” or the celebration of St. Martin is celebrated on November 11 as the festival of young wine in Zmajevac. On that day, almost all winemakers in Zmajevac visit and taste young wines. The festival usually lasts two days and includes a rich program. The fair of handicrafts and local products makes this wine tasting event even more special.

Čvarakfest is an event that takes place at the end of November in Karanac, where excellent craftsmen demonstrate their skills in melting čvarak. Visitors can enjoy a free tasting of čvarak, as well as a glass of top wine.

Whichever event you decide on, we're sure you'll want to come back again.

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