A short report from the Baranja tour

From Friday to Sunday 2.-4. In December 2022, we enjoyed the Baranjska hedonistic tour with the group. And the weather served us so that we could fully enjoy it.

From fine fish platters and top wines at the Lug Hotel, Kopački rit, Tikveš Castle, which pleasantly surprised us all with its setting, to the Street of Forgotten Time in Karanac, we managed to convey the hedonistic spirit of Baranja to our visitors. The whole trip was supported by glasses of fine wines and top Baranja meat and fish delicacies.

Each "station" was an experience in itself. Beljski podrumi with excellent leadership hosted us with their wine, "kulen" and cheese. With Mr. Baja, the "legend of Baranja", we returned to some past times when life was modest but cheerful. With a glass of homemade brandy, we toured the Street of Forgotten Time, which was built by the owner himself using old barns.

The trip was short but joyful and above all intense. It was a small group of people who bonded, so a few tears were shed at parting. This is also proof that we are the creators of happy travels.

We enjoyed ourselves together with them and we can't wait for the new Baranja tour. You can see the impressions of our passengers on Instagram and Facebook.

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