Jankovac Forest Park

A walk in the forest relaxes, the air clears the mind.

If you have not yet visited the Papuk Nature Park, spring and summer are the ideal time to discover this beautiful oasis of peace and beauty. On the northern slopes of Papuk, at 475 meters above sea level, there is the Jankovac Forest Park.

The main attraction of the Jankovac Forest Park and what you must pass is the instructive Count's Trail, named like the Forest Park itself, after Count Josip Janković. He excavated two lakes in this valley and arranged a promenade around the 35-meter high Skakavac waterfall, which is unique in this area. The educational boards of the Count's Path will explain the natural and cultural-historical points of interest and give you access to the most beautiful parts of Jankovac, such as cold water springs, streams, centuries-old beech trees and waterfalls. The trail is 2.3 km long (tour duration is about 3 hours). In 2014, the path was improved in such a way that extensions were installed and thus became accessible to people with disabilities. They also installed educational boards in Braille for the visually impaired and blind.

Along with lakes, streams and waterfalls, you will find rich forest vegetation consisting of rare and endangered plant species. Some parts of the forest resemble a rainforest, so it is truly a pearl of biological diversity with about 500 species of plants that are found along the lakes and streams and thus resemble a smaller version of the Plitvice Lakes. If you get hungry after the walk, you can try some of the specialties at the Mountaineer House.

See for yourself why every year more and more visitors recognize Jankovac Forest Park as a place to rest and enjoy nature.

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