Vincekovo, Vinkovo ​​as it is called in Podunavlje or Vinceška in Baranja is a centuries-old traditional custom of celebrating the feast of Saint Vinko (January 22), patron of wine and vineyards, which takes place in the wine-growing part of Baranja.

It is linked to the blessing of vineyards and wine and it starts the new vineyard year. It is customary to hang the largest sausage on a tree branch and pour wine over it to make the year happy.

In those days, wine cellars were opened on Baranjska planina, especially those along the wine roads in Beli Manasir, Karanac, Suza, Zmajevac and Batina. It is celebrated in gators, wine cellars where the hosts offer traditional Baranja delicacies in addition to wine.

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